What We Do

Caritas Connections collects donated items and distributes them at no cost, to worthy organizations in the St. Louis metropolitan area, who use them to clothe, feed and assist the needy in our community. 

  • Food and Staples – We pick up item such as bread, canned goods, cookies, sweets and other food products from stores and restaurants, and deliver them to agencies who feed the hungry. 
  • Clothing – We collect clothing from businesses and private donors, separate them by size, carefully deface the pieces to prevent return, and deliver them to organizations for distribution to the needy. 
  • Furniture – We pick up furniture from individuals and families and deliver it to centers who service the poor.
  • Personal Care Items – We accept shampoo, deodorant, soaps, toilet paper and lotion.  These items are not covered by food stamps and greatly help those in need.
  • Computers – We collect laptop computers less than 5 years old for the St. Louis UD Federal Probation Office Operation Reach Higher program.  The Higher Reach program is an education program for ex-offenders.
  • Monetary Donations – Funds donated are used to buy food, staples and personal care items on a monthly basis.  We maximize our resources by purchasing in bulk at discount prices.

Through your generosity and our work, together we help elderly in need, children in crisis, and homeless adults.