Our Donors

As the reach and impact of Caritas Connections has grown through the years, so has our donor base. We are grateful to each and every organization that has generously donated not just food or household items but also the support of many people within each organization who make it all possible.

Many food retailers have excess supply at the end of a day or week that might otherwise need to be destroyed. We arrange for pickup and delivery before expiration dates ever go into effect. Sometimes, retailers have excess inventory. We help assure it goes to good use.

We have also been blessed by many stores and organizations that make charitable donations to Caritas Connections, as well as having employees donate their time to helping. However an organization decides to help, we can find ways to put it to good use.

So thank you to all of our donors, many of whom are listed below.

Daily Bread
Great harvest
Bello's Bakery


Small Cakes


Britt's Bakehouse





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