Donated van keeps Caritas Connections rolling

New Caritas Van

When our long-time client, Caritas Normandy, which was run by the Ladies of Charity, announced they were closing their doors, their board made a unanimous decision to donate their 2009 Ford cargo van to Caritas Connections. This incredibly generous gift allows us to replace our 168,000-mile van that was also in need of some potential repairs with a vehicle that only has 43,000 miles on it.

Our new van features newer tires and has been equipped with running boards so that our volunteers who make deliveries have easier access to loading and unloading items. According to Dave Kempa, who helps maintain our fleet of two vehicles, "It's a great blessing to get this newer vehicle. We want our drivers to be assured that they're driving vehicles in good operating condition and this certainly helps in that regard."

The newly donated van has already been equipped with the Caritas Connections logo on its side and is helping to deliver the goods to the many clients we serve. And as for our old van - it was donated to St. Vincent de Paul's vehicle donation program.

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