Teens help out with canned food drives

Ryan and Kevin loading the van

Three SGM high school students have recently taken on Caritas food drives as service projects, helping to deliver items for both Thanksgiving and the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Ryan Kellogg and Kevin Cooney teamed up to gather items and help deliver them to Caritas client, Rural Parish Workers before the Thanksgiving holiday. And Harry King worked on collecting food for the Federal Probation Program.

According to Harry, "I collected and bought 200 cans of yams, 200 boxes of macaroni and cheese, 200 cans of green beans, 50 boxes of stovetop stuffing and over 50 cans of miscellaneous foods. Looking back, I had a great deal of fun organizing different drop off dates for food and advertising for the drive. Social media was a great way to advertise my drop off days and the location of my collection box in the narthex of the church. I started this project looking for a way to give back to the SGM community that I was a part of for eight years of my life, and I feel I have definitely succeeded."

Caritas Connections is grateful for the hard work of Ryan, Kevin and Harry and for all of our volunteers who continue to give back in so many ways.


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