Volunteer donates more than 200 hand made masks

Cay Sullivan wearing one of her custom made masks and a few samples that she donates to Caritas Connections.

With the need for masks continuing to grow, especially for Caritas volunteers during their pickup and delivery runs, Cay Sullivan decided to pitch in by creating more than 200 masks on her own.

Cay got the idea to make the masks for Caritas volunteers early on during the pandemic. After a visit to a grocery store where she wasn't wearing a mask, she decided to make one for herself. Her next stop after the grocery store was dropping by the Caritas garage to drop off a few items. So she inquired if perhaps there might be a need for volunteers in need of masks. When given an enthusiastic yes as the answer, Cay put her sewing skills to work.

The result? More than 200 masks that have been put to use, both by Caritas volunteers as well as donated to some of our clients. For several years, Cay has been creating knitted scarves that she donates to Caritas. Now, she's working on a new batch of 150 masks making her our mask-maker extraordinaire.

According to Cay, "I think so highly of Caritas and all that they do. Being able to contribute is a win-win - I love to make the masks and I know they're being used and appreciated."

Contributions from our volunteers come in a variety of ways and we are grateful for each and every one of them.

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